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A systematic process to yield customized results

Because we believe that financial success is not an accident, you might expect that we would be very process-driven in how we work with clients. We are. But our planning process is quite dynamic. After running an initial baseline analysis for our clients, we hold a strategy meeting during which we present the analysis results “live”, on screen, and then model different “what-if” scenarios live, with our clients.

Once we’ve implemented an agreed-on plan, we track our clients’ progress with them during face-to-face review meetings – things like cash flows, returns, and other variables, as well as any changes to their situations – to ensure we’re staying on track.

We also use a checklist with our clients, during semiannual reviews, to ensure that important items like beneficiary designations, powers of attorney, and tax planning are up to date.

In the end, of course, financial success also depends on investment results. We leverage our "Modern Portfolio Theory guided by common sense" strategy to help you realize your goals.

We believe that the majority of our clients want to know what we're thinking and how we're responding to changes in the market. So, virtually every time we trade, we send out an email, which we call a "trade rationale", written by us, in plain English, explaining what we've done and why we did it.